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For what they all said was… “It depends, it all depends. It all depends on where you live and what you have to build with.” - The Little Boy and His House

 Better health gives us more time and energy to do what we want, focus on our passions and desires, nurture our relationships, and be fulfilled at work, getting what we want out of life. Working with what you have, supporting you to reach where you want to be, I am with you on your journey. It starts now.



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about me

From City Planning to the Sutras of Patanjali..

A born floater with roots in different countries and cultures, I have always been drawn to people. I studied forced migration in an effort to understand my Armenian heritage, and I lived and worked in Beirut to get to know my culture. I also worked as a city planner in New York, Beirut, and Abu Dhabi for 10 years, mapping patterns of migration and working on initiatives to improve the quality of life in the cities we inhabit. I started practicing Yoga as a way to ground my own wandering, and then discovered a passion for wellness and health, a more potent and direct method to impact lives. In 2011 I decided to shift into this exciting field, and serve in some way. I became a teacher because I myself wanted to connect, engage, and share with people.


After years of study and discovery, I now offer a unique platform for anyone who wishes to design their own health, providing expert guidance for those ready to make a commitment to wellbeing.

Focusing on the belief that one size / diet doesn’t fit all, and that ‘good health’ is more than just the food we eat, today, I combine yoga and nutritional and lifestyle changes in custom programs for clients. My intention is that you ‘own’ your health, defining what works and what doesn’t, and use it as a tool for a happier, more fulfilling life. I strive to encourage everyone to find their balance, in harmony with their individuality. 


Everything I have learned, I offer to you.

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work with me

Live in balance in every aspect of your life…


Health Coach

 Standard diets don't work for everyone. I guide clients to establish a health program that suits their own needs and supports the life they want to live, rich with possibility. Covering important aspects of what health means, including but not limited to the food we eat, I support people who are serious and ready to make real changes in their lives.

6 Month Program: Meeting regularly over a 6-month period, real change is possible. This program offers us the right amount of time to make lasting changes in your life. You get to design your health, with my guidance and presence. And then we work together to realize your goals and aspirations.

3 Month Program: Suitable for those who have already made significant progress, and are looking for that last push to achieve their goals.

1 Month Program: This is the Kick-Start Approach to motivate and inspire you. Beginnings can be challenging and so we meet more frequently to set up a steady pace for improvement. 

Jivamukti Yoga

The Jivamukti Method is a comprehensive yoga practice that integrates movement, breath, and meditation in one class, with uplifting music as backdrop. Yogic philosophy is carefully weaved into each class, offering insight into ancient teachings for the modern practitioner. You can also expect mindful yet powerful hands-on assists to help you deepen your physical practice over time. 

Group Classes

Saifi Village, Yoga Souk

Saturdays 11:15 - 12:45  |  Mondays   18:00 - 19:30    |   Wednesdays / Fridays 10:30 - 12:00

Private Sessions

Want to deepen your practice? Have an injury and need special attention? New to Yoga? These private classes are designed to cater to you. Providing you with a safe space, programs are customized and themed.

*Small group classes available on request


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get in touch

I would love to hear from you, get in touch to schedule a free consultation or just say hello. 

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